Our company called ‘SONRICH’ started on 18th December 2013.Under the registration number bearing PV 96108. Generally, our business has taken a different step. We have been focusing on marketing methods rather than marketing for 2 years from 2013 to 2015.

The vision of Mr.Krishantha Udumullage, Founder of the institute, and His Excellency’s Plan have been key factors in our success. Actually, at all times, five-member boards of directors have joined him. `SONRICH ASHIA’ company is the first company in Sri Lanka to offer a daily commission within 24 hours as a slip transfer like a salary through the bank. It’s the very first & only company to provide this facility. Many companies operate by selling overseas goods. But we are always ready to give opportunities for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs like patentees, indigenous medicine, inventors, local practitioners, and local cosmetics makers. Sonrich has always been a global company.